We say goodbye fat welcome muscles !

You do not need to be a professional coach to know that a good workout combined with an appropriate nutrition can affect the appearance and the overall state of our body and the body. With properly selected exercises can also burn superfluous fat and muscle mass to replace it . <span title="Wielu ludzi, stosuje ćwiczenia nie w celu zwiększenia swojej masy czy też w celu zrzucenia zbędnych kilogramów, ale kulturystyka naturalna przede wszystkim dla celów poprawiających krążenie oraz ułatwiających procesy przemian tlenowych w całym ciele.”>Many people do not exercise is used to increase its weight or to dump excess weight , but primarily for the purpose of improving circulation and facilitate the processes of oxygen throughout the body. These exercises are aimed primarily intensify action of the heart and making the blood circulates in our veins a little faster . These exercises carry the general name for aerobic exercise. Such exercises have very positive effects on our health , are kulturystyka naturalna recommended for people of almost any age. Currently , a number of types of aerobic exercise , so that they can be grown for both children and the elderly .

Before you start the exercise, it would be that we also get together the right kind of exercise, in line with our expectations with respect thereto . Most people take the classes in order to get rid of excess fat . Here you should bear in mind that, unless during a workout on the weight and also do not have the strength to control the intensity of exercise , so much the case of slimming exercise is necessary. This will make sure that our muscles cause the work that forces the body to burn fat rather than to expand our muscles . While this type of training , your body gets rid of the particular amino acids and carbohydrates, which are in the case of our body’s energy material . For training was fruitful should strive not to burn all carbohydrates, but fats found in the subcutaneous tissue .

<span title="Jak wcześniej wspomnieliśmy, redukcji tkanki tłuszczowej sprzyja tylko odpowiedni rytm ćwiczeń, który jednym słowem sprawia że nasz organizm spala właśnie kulturystyka naturalna tkankę tłuszczową.”>As previously mentioned, the reduction of adipose tissue promotes just the right rhythm exercises that one word makes our body burns just fat. During such exercises , it is good to have on hand formed heart rate monitor , which will allow us to control our heart rate during the active exercise. According to numerous studies , burning much fat should occur at the level of 65 – to 80 % of our maximum heart rate . To know what is our maximum heart rate should be between 220 to subtract our age . Then the result is our maximum heart rate . It is also worth noting that our maximum heart rate decreases with age , so it is important to control it. Of course, this method of calculation is very general . It does not take into account the individual characteristics or tendencies of many of the body. However, if you do not plan to train professionally , we should not worry, because the scale of error is low enough that there is no danger threatens us in case of a mistake . It is widely claimed that the one-time workout should not last less than 20 minutes. After such time, in fact , according to numerous coaches a process of fat burning . Numerous rumors circulate about the time in which it is best practice . Here, however, opinions are divided . Many people recommend morning exercises , which not only add to our energy throughout the day , but also that our bodies make after overnight fasting significantly faster take up the fat burning. But not everyone agrees with these unwritten rules , so it is difficult to determine jednorako which party is actually right in this regard. But we are inclined to say that everyone should individually choose the appropriate time of day to exercise. Every one feels good about a different time of day , which is why it is very important to use this time well-being just for training purposes . While the exercises are of great importance , you can not forget about the selection of a proper diet , so that the effects of our efforts will be far quicker.

Somewhat different matter if our dream is to build a bit more muscle mass . During training , you should keep some other parameters by which our muscles will micro- damage. After such a workout after which we will certainly feel a bit exhausted , you need a good meal and a rest . Why should we rest? First of all is that our body has had time to properly regenerate. It appears that the muscle to be able to regenerate require adequate levels of protein and carbohydrates in the body . You can top up their levels in the body by means of ordinary food , in suitable doses , or with special conditioners that make have already been properly balanced . You only need to take the appropriate dose depending on the weight of our body.

Muscle tissue regeneration needs to be able to grow , and therefore not worth neglect the rest. In this way , we can only further negatively affect the state of our body. If you are not a rest after exercise and take another job , can lead to the complete combustion of the muscle which will be connected with his disappearance .

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