Training for strength at home


Today, life goes very fast. Many people do not have time for it to devote even an hour a day for a visit to the gym . It consists of a number of factors , including long distance home from the gym and the lack of money that could be spent on buying a lift pass to the gym . Fortunately , it turns out that for the sake of the perfect figure, we do not need to leave the house . You can work on your body at home, on what he could certainly afford each of us . To be able in this way to achieve our goal , below you will find many essential tips that will significantly help us during exercise .

There is nothing strange in this that we lack the time to too frequent visits to the gym. Unfortunately, quite recently most of the settlements could find a small gym . Now , more and more fitness centers with more and more modern equipment . Such a constant thing made ​​that shut down small kulturystyka naturalna gyms . It is no wonder that there is smiling most of us travel across town to the gym . In this case, finding time for family and friends too , is virtually impossible.

Practice what we can do at home , will certainly be more poor , because few of us can afford , after all it would be able to purchase so many diverse equipment and stick to all in the house. If we , however, a little determination, enough for us to stick where we could pull up and two or more of dumbbells of varying weight. The costs of such purchase are not too high so it will be able to perform a really reliable workout at home. It kulturystyka naturalna is worth mentioning that if our backyard is a beater or a playground for our children with a swing , we are not forced to install the rod to pull . That beater or swing successfully fulfill this role . Expenditure on the excellent quality dumbbell is about 200 zł , which gives us almost the same price they would have to pay for a one -month pass to the gym . Here, surely , these appliances will serve us for many years , so do not worry we can let use .

What exercises to which the muscles of the body?

The muscles of the chest
To strengthen and sculpt muscles a bit more of your shoulders and chest , the most appropriate for this purpose will be the pump. With these exercises known unless each of us , rozbudujmy my muscles almost the entire upper part of the body . Pumps should be performed in six different series. The amount of push-ups performed in each of this series is dependent on the degree of sophistication of our exercise. Gradually increase the amount thereof, to improve the results of their execution.

triceps muscles
The triceps muscle is the existence of which many women do not have a clue . But mostly gentlemen well in the orient . Most men dream about to have a whole arm muscles as much as possible expanded . The development of these muscles well affected by both , the previously mentioned push-ups as well as the so-called lifting the weights on the chest. In each series must repeat the exercise 12 to 16 times ,

back muscles
The muscles of the back, it is very difficult to expand during daily activities . While most of the muscles of our body performs work throughout our day , so your back muscles kulturystyka naturalna do the work very insignificant . To wpracować a truly impressive all our back muscles , you are the exercises performed on the stick . It is important to keep your hands wide apart so you just take the greatest work your back muscles .

leg muscles
Many men would also like to improve the musculature of his legs which will also affect the strength of these muscles , for example, when driving an bike. Many men used for this purpose squats . But , unfortunately, is not a good idea. A dozen sit-ups will not be sufficient , and the larger the amount can have a negative impact on our joints , which in this way will be too much for us exhausted . To improve the health of your leg muscles , it is worth while to do step out . This exercise is done in such a way that one leg we stride so much to our thigh lined up parallel to the floor. Then we straighten your legs and return to a standing position . The same exercise we set number of times once for a time on the other foot . The number of repetitions depends on our stage . Number of repetitions should be increased gradually .

A sample training schedule

We first traditionally pump – 6 series , each of 15 replicates
2 triceps muscles squeeze the dumbbell – 4 series of 12 repetitions each


1 – back muscles perform 6 sets of 6 reps each.
2 Exercises to perform leg – 4 series of 30 repetitions.


1st Class shortages 3 sets of 12 reps


Here we have just placed a sample workout . Of course we can arrange your own , but it is important not to practice every day , so that our muscles have a sufficient amount of time to recover and rest .

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