Stretched muscles and tendons

While kulturystyka naturalna commonly claimed that the sport is nothing more than just the health , it is worth bearing in mind also the fact that the incompetent practice of many sports or no preparation prior to exercise, can cause damage to the organs of movement . Strong muscle tension can be particularly painful. <span title="Co gorsza ból ten odzywać się będzie nie tylko w przypadku wykonywania ćwiczeń, ale również w wypadku kulturystyka naturalna zwykłych czynności codziennych.”>To make matters worse the pain will speak not only for exercise , but also in the case of ordinary daily activities . Unfortunately, there is no better cure for torn muscles rather than waiting until the muscles and tendons will return to their former state.

To make this possible it is necessary to comply with certain rules. Most often strained tendon is caused by poor preparation for exercise or too intense stretching exercises. The first and most important rule is primarily to avoid this exercise which resulted in our trauma . Certainly, we will easily be able to determine this moment , because at this point we feel pain . Within the first day after the injury , rest will bring us cold compresses to the painful place . <span title="Można robić je przy pomocy zwilżonej zimną kulturystyka naturalna wodą ściereczki, kostek lodu, czy też specjalnych okładów które można kupić w aptece.”>You can do it using a cloth dampened with cold water , ice cubes or special wraps that you can buy at the pharmacy . It is important not to hold the wrap more than 20 min . In this case, however, it is necessary to take breaks between them. After 20 min wrap applied again after a further 30 minutes . If the injury took more than 24 hours excellent idea is alternately applying to the damaged area , hot and cold compress .

Pain of this type cause inflammation primarily where our muscles and have the tendon. If the pain is really strong , or hinders us on performing daily activities , you may take two tablets any , anti-inflammatory medication. Since it has anti-inflammatory effects also greatly reduce the inflammation occurred on our muscles. But remember not to take more than two tablets within 6 hours.

Most importantly, it is absolutely essential to abandon the exercise until nearly complete resolution of pain. The muscles much faster return to their former state , if we stop exercising hard work through them. We give them in this way time to recover . When we cease to feel pain , we must also remember that at all costs not to exercise the right exercise and other strenuous activities , but gradually return to form, gently stretching muscles and increasingly increasing our physical activity .

Excellent results also brings the opportunity of a dip in the pool or hot tub too . However, if we do not have such a possibility will also alleviate pain in a warm water bath .

Another also often occurring injury , are so commonly referred to as soreness . This is a very unpleasant feeling , which makes it difficult to not only consecutive days of training , but above all makes it increasingly difficult to us to perform ordinary household chores . Sorry but the sores are usually the body’s signal that the exercises that we do are for us too intense and even prevent us from ordinary walking . The pain felt by us can be low for a period of five days , it causes a large amount of accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles which decomposes , causing the sensation of pain by us . At the stage when they suffer from soreness , it makes no sense to think of ways to prevent them from appearing , large it is better to take a moment shorten their duration. Much faster we get rid of the soreness , if we improve significantly the blood circulation in our body . Can be used for this purpose oppression of our hands . Unfortunately, the method if it is very effective , it is also painful. If we have the opportunity, and we do not know how to perform a massage , you should go to a massage therapist .

Momentary , muscle pain can also soothe a warm bath or shower . Unfortunately, only relief we feel at the moment when we pour the warm water. If we change pour the hot and cold water , we thus also stimulate some circulation of our blood . What can further accelerate the absorption of excessive amounts of lactic acid.

When I finally , after a few days the pain will stop teasing us , we can once again return gradually to exercise. It is also important to now do everything we were forced again to go through it all . The key is to not perform never exercises over its measure. If we feel that we’re really tired , we should not continue the exercise. This behavior is affected by overexploitation muscles throughout our body , which eventually end up with certainly the next , lasting a few days the pain . During training , we focus primarily on our breath. This is extremely important , especially because as one of the many causes soreness is bad oxidation of our entire body including muscles.

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