More and more people , enchants the sport that is horse riding. Although it is a completely different sport than all , it enjoys a huge popularity among people kulturystyka naturalna of all ages and sexes. However, know that this sport requires a lot of sacrifice on our part. Animal requires the care and proper treatment, so that it will always be strong and full of energy. Many people who practice horse riding for many years , dreaming of to be able to have your own horse . But before we choose a mount for yourself , you should know that this decision will require deeper consideration.

<span title="Posiadanie własnego konia, to nie kulturystyka naturalna rzadko niespełnione marzenia jeszcze z czasów dzieciństwa.”>Owning your own horse, it is not rare yet unfulfilled dreams of childhood . Not everyone can and should have a horse. You can not hide the fact that they are animals particularly delicate and susceptible to many diseases. Buying a horse as well as its maintenance, requires the issuance of large sums of money for this purpose . In addition, we also need to set aside time to care for your pet . Most horse owners do not have adequate housing for this to be able to keep a horse in it . Therefore, most of their owners holding horses in studs , or special pensions . The fees for this type of place does not belong to the low , in addition , despite these charges it is our task is to find and notice , if necessary, the vet , farrier and other personnel . Of course we also will have to for this type of service pay. Isolated we should take care of purchasing all the hardware for horse riding .

If, despite the fact that keeping a horse will cost us a lot of time and money , we are still deciding , before we make the purchase , you should look for a place in the stud or animal hotel . It is important that he was not very far from our place of residence. As a result , we will have to overcome many kilometers to ride yourself for a few hours. Before making the final choice should be to watch a few places . The most important should be the good of our horse , it is essential to clean the stables, stalls and the whole equipment in the barn.

If you are planning to buy a horse , which a lot of time spent in green pastures , we should also look for our horse stables , which has extensive green areas , respectively . An animal that is accustomed to such a life will not be happy when you suddenly will be closed in a dark box. If your horse has to be trained for jumping , you should also check whether you sure fence surrounding the paddock , not too low. If the majority of the horses in the stable does not jump out of habit fence can be placed rather low . Bad choice is also strongly in the stable in which kulturystyka naturalna the role played by a fence wire or tape kolczaty .

You should also check how many times a day the animals are fed and are you sure they have all the time access to fresh water . Some stables are reluctant to give the animals feed additives such as vitamins and others. If you intend to give your horse this type of supplements should already know , are you sure this is possible .

If so delicate animals which are horses, not less important is also checking that certainly stud offers day care for a pet . Also, at night , near the stables should be the person who will control the security mounts .

It should be borne in mind the fact that there are also stables and offers only partial protection. For example, the task owner will belong output and bringing the catwalk animals. This information is very important and prevent troubles many different kinds, which often result from the lack of understanding of the stable operation .

No less important issue is to be able to see the riding and areas where skiing is possible . It just so happens that people often have the wrong idea about the stables. It is important to familiarize yourself with this information also . If our passion is riding in the area, will not satisfy us information that there is no possibility of driving around after the summer or in open areas . In turn, if we dream of improving your jumping skills , it is unacceptable that the horse did not have indoor and open a riding school .

Once you choose the best stable as much as possible , we can begin to look for a mount for us. Very often you can buy at an attractive price ujeżdżonego mount yet . It should be borne in mind that if you do not have experience in this field , only narobimy yourself the trouble . Therefore, a much better option is to choose an animal already ujeżdżonego . Under no circumstances should you buy a horse with notice prior to the earlier of his seeing . If we do not have in this respect too much knowledge , you should ask for help from a friend riding coach or are a vet who will determine the condition of the animal and its susceptibility utility .

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