Nordic Walking


I think each of us have seen numerous people on the street , at any age, roaming the parks and forests, with sticks in their hands. Fashion for Nordic Walking flooded the whole world with our country. This sport is very well known among many people.

Generally not difficult to notice that our countrymen increasingly often play sports . Every morning and evening can be seen on the streets many people running , cycling and many kulturystyka naturalna other sports enthusiasts . There’s no denying that this is a very good trend , given the huge number of people suffering from obesity . For some time, arouse great interest in people , in the middle of summer marching on skis with poles in their hands . As more and more often you can meet on our streets these people , more and more talk also about the sport that is Nordic Walking , which consists precisely in the mentioned walking, along with poles in their hands.

And what is in the sport ? If you do not find it difficult to confidently guess, first of all it depends on marching . Of course, walking with poles differs slightly from that of ordinary walking . Many people associate these poles mainly skiing and more interesting combination is not so wrong to end . First of all, because this sport which originated in Finland, has been developed primarily for skiers, as a form of year-round training. Of course, traveling with poles have been known since the dawn of time , but until now have been used in sport.

Nordic Walking sticks are not only used to facilitate the march, but most of all they have to also make that silhouette walker will automatically be much more upright . The front part of the body is slightly kulturystyka naturalna pushed forward, which makes it easier to walk . This sport is very desirable effect on the muscles back, so that we can feel relief in a situation when you’re suffering from back pain or posture . Sport this kind seems to also be ideal for older people who suffer from back pain due to excessive workloads . Well-chosen cues, relieve our backs and partly also the joints , so you will not feel their pain when walking. Thanks kijkom , the rhythm of our walk will accelerate as poles make it much faster and easier it is to us to make progress . It is also noteworthy that they become much longer .

According to numerous trainers walking with poles for Nordic Walking makes can burn significantly more calories than a traditional walking and even running. While the run is not potent everyone , especially goes for people suffering from diseases of the circulatory system of many Nordic Walking is free to grow each of us , regardless of age or health situation . This form of exercise can be quite desirable for many diseases of the cardiovascular system . Most importantly, the kind of traffic is also safer and much less can cause different types of injuries that quite often the case in May jogging. Everyone can find their own walking pace so that the walk will be primarily a pleasure rather than a torment ending shortness of breath and sore muscles the next day.

Before we proceed to our first workouts should still choose suitable for us sticks and shoes, which are the two most important and at the same time the only equipment kulturystyka naturalna needed for this sport .

Poles of this type are many, it depends on us how we choose . But before we go on buying , let’s read what the most important features of the individual poles and for whom they are suitable. Very often encountered are sticks with adjustable length . Their huge advantage is that we can really use them in a few people . Thanks to their regulation can benefit people of different heights and also the samy century. Another advantage of this type of poles is the fact that they are more comfortable to carry . Just cut them up and you get round them up into a backpack . Unfortunately, this type of poles are a bit more expensive than the traditional and heavier . The sales are also available folding sticks whose advantage is the ability to easily move with them, traveling , etc. Unfortunately, they can be used only by one person growth. They do not have the possibility of adjusting their length. The cheapest output poles are so traditional . If, however, we are committed to this type of sport and brings us a lot of joy , you should definitely choose a slightly more expensive and thus also more convenient to use the model .

When choosing for myself poles should pay attention primarily on their fit to the hand . It is important to handle used to hold for us was comfortable and that the hand does not slip to us on it excessively. For beginners, the best solution would probably handle made ​​of cork. Good poles should also have the opportunity to exchange tips , not only in their consumption , but also depending on the substrate after which we move .

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