How to deal with hunger while dieting

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Some time ago we made a difficult decision to move to one of the many diets in order to get rid of extra pounds . Unfortunately, the reality is not as simple as we would like. Although dietary meals have clearly defined , the size of a portion thereof as a meal time , however, still many of us feel hunger between meals. How to deal with it to be able to function normally and do not break the rules set by our diet?

Nutritionists some time ago, found a few ways that you can effectively reduce the sensibility of our hunger. It is worth to be used not only to stop unpleasant sensations sucking in your stomach , but also in order to further speed up your metabolism . It should also take into account that the body in the case of chronic hunger feeling , stores even more spare material , thus preparing for the so-called difficult times .

During the whole process of weight loss , great importance is also the type of diet you choose. Do not start the process of dumping his first extra pounds, the diet which involves daily intake of 1,000 kcal. Sorry, but so sudden decrease in the amount of calories , the body is a kind of shock , not to mention the huge famine that certainly will feel . It is the first step to count our daily caloric intake , and reduce it by only 20 %. This percentage can be increased gradually , of course , but you can not avoid just this grading. The exception to this rule are only very obese person who can successfully increase that percentage . While during a very restrictive diet can feel good initially , after a few days probably , come the crisis , which revealed a strong hunger attacks , mostly nocturnal .

However important , it is also what and when we eat. The first meal of the morning , for most people considered to be unnecessary , in fact, is the most important meal of the day . To deliver on the body with the right amount of energy throughout the day , you should try to essential part in its composition occupied just protein. It should also be borne in mind that the perfect cheating protein our body , making it not feel hunger.

Our body requires a certain type of learning of . What this study has , however, rely on? First of all, our body accustomed to eating at certain times . As a result , our metabolism will speed up accordingly and in addition will make that stop us tease wolf hunger pangs . It may be hard to believe but people who eat meals at a fixed time , usually lose weight much faster and more efficiently .

Next tip , it is primarily the consumption of vegetables and fruit in a specific quantity. With the intake of more vegetables and fruits in the woven cease to feel strong hunger so far . Fruits and vegetables are characterized by a low content of carbohydrates and a significant amount of fiber, which affects acceleration of metabolism in the body . For those who appreciate especially sweets, fruits can be a godsend in the fight against unnecessary pounds . The natural sugar in fruit is fructose, which is much easier and faster degraded by the body . Interestingly, the consumption of fruit , can also have a major impact on the perception of our hunger. If in the early days of the diet teasing us with a strong hunger between meals specified in the menu , you can also eat fruits that are not yet in calories , and give us a sense of satiety.

In today’s busy world, so very few of us have time for quiet and slow eating. There is nothing surprising in this , as in a break at work or during a moment of peace during child care , it is difficult to find time for it to sit back and enjoy the food . Here, however, it is worth noting that this is an extremely bad feature today’s lifestyle. It turns out that the rate of our food has a major impact on the supply of energy to the body. In practice, therefore , it should look in such a way that each meal should be consumed safely and without stress. Even if we were really hungry , under no circumstances should throw the food, but calmly chewed mouthfuls . It turns out also that our sense of satiety is also influenced by the duration of the meal. Why not shorten it to a minimum .

In the course of the use of any diet, you should be especially careful of the amount of our sleep . Perhaps many of us finds that after all this may not be of great importance in this situation. The truth , however, looks like it is a particularly important aspect , which is why it is very important to sleep at least seven hours . Only then will your body enough time to properly recuperate and recharge for the next day . People who due to lack of enough sleep , feeling a decrease in energy during the day, take the mood for sweets, which are energy . Unfortunately , the consumption of something sweet does not give us energy throughout the day , which in turn makes the moment we are again tempted him over and over again .

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